Straight out tha Hamper

by S.W.A.

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ROJAS I'm a crazy mother folder straight outa the hamper AHAHAHAHAH!!!
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Straight out tha hamper, crazy mother folder named Sock Tube
From the pile called Socks Wit Attitude

When I walk out… I bring about
A stank so strong- that it clears em out

You too….. cause the stink is out rageous
You’ll be smelly too….. it’s contagious

Dirty sock’ers wanna take me down
For spreadin all this oder around

If they mess with a sock like me,
I’ll unload ‘til they sock debris

Light switch ….GE …. Looking for me
At the bottom of the hamper, that aint me.

Single sock in the drawer no two piece,
Been a year since the other sock seen me

But they just won’t throw me away,
Today was a good day


Straight out tha hamper, another dirty ass tube sock
With a hole in the bottom from a small rock

Ima hard mother folder... Who gon wear this?
Cheap Clorox… can’t wash this.

Four quarters in a slot won’t wash me
So don’t even try ta get a sock sudsy

Mc Thread controls laundry
For any mother folder… folding laundry

I’m gonna crumple, throw ya under the bed,
Tell all the otha socks that yo ass dead

They betta check the lost and found,
Where ya going… ya cant hear a sound

Boy you better know what ya getting’ in
Don’t matter if I go back to the bin

Hard time in the basket wont kill my rep
So take a back step STRAIGHT OUT THA HAMPER

...straight out-tha Hamper

Is a brother that’ll sudd’er ya clutter
I bet I make ya color studder

See, I don’t give a fold, that’s the problem
No colors in the wash? I’ll solve ‘em

Fleecy fleece make your argyles shrink
But hay, at least it wont stink

I'm smart, lay low, creep a while
No other sock’ers jockin on my style

I’ma stankster, it comes easy
Socks in blue say “get fleecey”
In the wash, they’ll never seize me
And if I get caught then they’ll release me

This is the dirty laun’dry of the flee,
if you ever fold with me- youll get creased.
When my iron fills with the steam-,
I’ll be running the sheet,
Straight out tha hamper


released November 12, 2015



all rights reserved


Sock Puppet Parody Dallas, Texas

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